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Don’t Let Your Road Trip Cost More Than Necessary.

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(Akiit.comIs there anything better than loading up the car with supplies, selecting a route, and hitting the open road for a classic road trip adventure? Not in our book. Yet while it’s easy to be tempted by one of the many stunning trips that are available to take throughout the United States and beyond, there’s no getting around that they can be expensive. A car journey isn’t a cheaper substitute for taking a flight: it’s just an alternative way to travel. However, there are ways to make sure that your trip doesn’t cost you more than necessary. We take a look at a few below.

Drive Properly

If you only ever drive short distances than you’ve probably not given too much thought about whether your driving style is costing you money. And truthfully, it’s not really worth thinking about – the savings will only be small if you’re driving just a few miles. But when you’re driving hundreds of miles, your driving style suddenly becomes important. If you have a low MPG, then you’ll be visiting the filling station far more often than your wallet would like. Some cars are just build to have a low MPG (the higher, the better), but some drivers don’t help themselves by accelerating too quickly and braking too harshly.

Where to Fill Up

It’s not just how far the gas in your tank takes you that’s important, either: where you’re getting the gas from can make a big difference on a long road trip, too. Now, since you’re driving in unfamiliar terrain, you might just fill up at any gas station you see. But it’s worthwhile investigating where the cheapest gas in town is, as it’ll save you a pretty penny over the course of your trip. Also, remember to fill up before the state line if the state you’re visiting has much more expensive gas taxes.

Taking Care of Problems

You never know what’s going to happen on a road trip. Usually, all the surprises are good, but not always. You might find that you have issues with your car’s performance, or, more dangerously, that you’re involved in an accident. Whatever happens, don’t let it leave you out of pocket. You can keep car performance issues at bay by having your vehicle looked at before you set off. When driving, make sure you’re aware of other vehicles – and specifically trucks, which can be especially dangerous. If something happens, get help after a trucking crash, and fight for financial compensation. Don’t let surprises on the road hurt your bank balance!

Accommodation and Food Options

It’s all good and well driving well and buying cheap gas, but that only covers one aspect of your trip. The other two big expenses will be accommodation and dining. For accommodation, look at taking a tent – it’ll give a bed for a fraction of the cost of a hotel stay. For your food, learn the art of preparing your own meals as you go – they can be just as good as the much more expensive restaurants!

Staff Writer; Larry Ford

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