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Why Are Black Men Avoiding Marriage? Ask Former NFL Running Back Jerone Davison

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Fairfield, CA (Akiit.com) – Pastor Jerone Davison is the author of the popular book The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman – the Fragrance that Attracts the Right Man. Pastor Jerone is a young man who loves the people in his church and prays that their heart’s desires will be met. He is passionate about the futures of single women in the church and prays to see them happily married.

“The question in our churches is why aren’t our daughters getting married? Why aren’t the men who come to church and get saved choosing to marry the single saved women in the church? Are the women doing something wrong? I don’t think so. Are all of our men going Gay, DL, Thug Life or Crazy Coo Coo Style? I pray not,” says Davison.

The low marital statistics in the Afro American community is not only off the hook but off the charts, being the lowest race to commit to marriage. “Have we all fallen to the hype of Hip Hop or have we just walked away from Bible believing values and morals? What’s up?”

Davison says that one of the reasons why he feels black men don’t marry is because most have grown up in single parent or illegitimate homes. Most have never seen a good marriage first hand leaving no desire for marriage. Marriage for most of today’s men is nowhere on the list of life’s priorities. This is a major issue and is growing uglier by the generation. Which is why the women in our communities must be more demanding of a marital commitment from their boyfriends before sex? Challenge them to be responsible men by making them wait and make a decision. Premarital sex changes everything it changes his feelings about the woman which is why most of the time it’s a hit and quit it situation.

Secondly, most of today’s men don’t understand the spiritual or natural significance of marriage and the impact it has on our children thinking that marriage is only a piece of paper. This is where the Church comes in. We’ve got to preach about marriage. After all car registration is paper, a driver’s license is paper covered by plastic, a receipt is paper etc and without most of these you would be consisted illegitimate just as illegitimate as shacking up and pretending to be married.

Lastly, the Fear Factor. Men have a fear of losing sexual excitement, thinking the more the merrier; they fear that one woman can’t satisfy. Not knowing that sex in marriage is the greatest love of all because God’s blessings are on marriage and marriage has the big three love, commitment and trust anything else is uncivilized. Marriage is a true gift from God and it’s a shame to see it go to waste. The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman – the Fragrance that Attracts the Right Man can be purchased at www.amazon.com or www.disilgold.com

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