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Press Release: LetsBuyBlack365 Launches 2016 With Natiowide Movement.

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Tweet ( Brooklyn, NY  – A nationwide grassroots Black economic empowerment movement called LetsBuyBlack365 hosts its first press conference on December 29th in New York City at the Brooklyn Christian Center. The Center is located at 1061Atlantic Avenue between Franklin and Classon Avenues in Brooklyn, New York. According to Reverend Dennis Dillon, the press event […]

Press Release: Sailing Into Black History.

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Tweet ( Astoria, OR – The port of Astoria on the Columbia River is the home of Black History in the making as Niccolea Miouo Nance prepares to set sail with The Emuna Endeavor. The Oregon-born, Arizona-raised poet and artist has put her creative work on hold to learn seamanship and navigation at Clatsop Community […]

Reasons to Do a High School Science Project.

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Tweet ( High school students have a lot of time on their hands. Reminds me of when I was one. I used to do my essays for my school work during my free time; other times look into various out of class projects. Have you ever wondered why you should pursue your engineering, science or […]

Nailing Workforce Diversity Is Tricky – Even for a Diversity Recruitment Startup.

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Tweet ( There’s something a little ironic about the process of hiring new team members when you run a diversity recruitment startup. When my cofounder Ryan and I quit our finance jobs to start Jopwell, our main concerns probably sounded nauseatingly similar to those of many early-stage entrepreneurs – everything from launching a useful product […]

What My Ghanaian Mom Taught Me About Love.

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Tweet ( Growing up in a Ghanaian household usually means growing up with your typical Ghanaian mother: lovingly critical, instinctively nurturing, traditionally Christian in a very how-can-you-have-a-church-without-hymns way, opinionated in her ideas on culture, ethics, and morality – ideas always crisply illustrated with vivid anecdotes featuring some colorful character. This also usually means growing up […]

Thy Troll Named #AllLivesMatter.

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Tweet ( “The plea is a very simple one: look at it”- James Baldwin If you are a regular Twitter user, you’re familiar with the term “troll”. On the playful side, people within the same social community troll others or each other as a joke (example: a celebrity makes a funny face, and they become […]

Ol Christmas Gifts.

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Tweet ( People who want to buy Christmas gifts, without having to confront the crowds at the local shopping mall (or shopping maul) can take a load off their feet by buying books or movies on the Internet, while sitting in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to old standbys like gorgeous coffee […]