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President Barack Obama Is Our First Life Coach…

February 23, 2009 by  
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( Barack Obama is the first person of color to be elected President of the United States of America. He is also one of the youngest, least partisan and most technologically savvy, and in my opinion he’s the first president to life coach the country. His campaign used many of the techniques I teach in our life coaching certification course. I was fascinated with his methods to heal, inspire, motivate, empower, and ultimately move people to action. I sat night after night listening and watching his every action and it became clear that Mr. Obama is also a great life coach.

So how is Obama life coaching us? Take a look at just three of the most basic but critical methods life coaches use that Obama used to get millions of Americans off their couches and out to vote for change. Here are a few of his strongest coaching methods used to inspire life changes in all of us:


Obama’s ability to be authentic helps all of us feel connected to him and to feel a sense of genuine care and trust. This allowed all of us to have a civic discourse throughout the country about the reality of the challenges our country is facing. In the coaching industry, coaches are the facilitators for the client to make change. If coaches are not authentic, a client will find it difficult to open up about the issues he or she is facing.

Empowers and Motivates

As we agonized over gas prices, groceries, and lay-offs Obama gave all of us hope. He spoke of the possibilities of our individual powers and abilities. He helped reignite our sense of purpose and ability to change our nation. Life coaches are charged with this same duty to their clients. Coaches differ from other forms of counselors because they spend time cheerleading, encouraging, and empowering their clients.

Call to Action

Finally, Obama, like other presidents, calls us to action on the issues we said we want to change; the difference is we actually felt inspired enough to listen and move forward. He not only called us to action but holds us accountable. Coaches do the same! The most important aspect of the coaching session is how the client will move forward. Coaches call their client to action by helping them create a realistic plan that they can be held accountable for. Our highest office requires the skills that life coaches have. Isn’t it time you considered life coaching as a career choice?

Written By Amleset G. Kidane

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