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Founder of Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute to Launch Leadership Book Project.

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( Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute (“PPGJ“) is raising funds for our first youth education project. We seek to motivate and inspire 1,000 young people to become superheroes for justice who make a difference in the world.

At Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute (PPGJ), we aim to motivate and inspire young people to better themselves and to make a positive impact on the world. Working with young people of a variety of ages, we realize that our work is never exactly clear-cut. There are, however, definite steps that we can take toward meeting our goals and fulfilling our purpose. First and foremost, we want to donate 1,000 books to children around the world and create opportunities both for learning and for service.

Our current plan is to raise enough funds to cover 1,000 Making a Difference books, which are meant to guide students in the right direction and motivate them to study hard and pursue their educational goals. Starting in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and traveling to several cities, we will wrap up our book tour in Ghana. For those interested in supporting the project, you can contribute to the Generosity Campaign at:

Book Excerpt– Making a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire

The best part of Grandma’s house was her den full of books. They would spend hours together talking and reading.

“Your name is your destiny,” Grandma had been telling Justice this since the day she was born. She reminded her often that being named Justice came with great responsibility. “To whom much is given, much is accounted for,” Grandma always said.

This book is uniquely created to show children that the power of leadership and social justice is within their reach. Making a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter is an exciting story about a young girl named Justice and her journey through her grandmother’s library where she learns about the change-makers of our past from Shirley Chisholm to Charles Hamilton Houston. These unheralded figures give Justice the right motivation to see herself one day making an impact in the world.

Justice discovered that becoming a lawyer would help her make a huge difference in her community and in the world. This is also an extension of the vision of the Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute of creating strong leaders.

About the Organizer

Dr. Artika Tyner (a.k.a. Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire) is a passionate educator, award-winning author, civil rights attorney, sought after speaker, and advocate for justice who is committed to helping children discover their leadership potential and serve as change agents in the global community. She is the Founder/CEO of Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute.

About Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute

Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute seeks to plant seeds of social change through education, training, and community outreach.

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