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Scared Of Aging? Don’t Be!

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(Akiit.comThe thought of getting older is enough to fill some people with dread. Every person loves to see themselves as a young person yet old age gets everyone in the end. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the idea of being middle-aged or a pensioner wasn’t scary? You could get on with your life and worry about the important things, such as family and being happy. Well, it is possible because, and say it quietly, old age isn’t anything to fear. In fact, some individuals enjoy the process.

You might think they are mad, but here are the reasons they are not.

Longer Life Expectancy

Probably the main reason people fear getting older is death. For many people, they see their age as an indicator of their mortality. Although this isn’t the case, it is still hard not to think about it after every birthday. The good news is that people in the western world are living longer. In America, the figure is at 78.74 and rising. Considering it was lower than 70 fifteen years ago, this is quite an increase. The result is that people have more time before they have to worry about dealing with death. When you hit middle age, there is still a long way to go.

Can Fight The Signs Of Aging

It would be wrong to say that vanity doesn’t play a significant role in why people don’t like getting older. The thought of going bald or suffering from wrinkles is enough to make the majority of people shudder. It’s a fact that bodies begin to break down as human beings age. However, they are not beyond repair. Thanks to the evolution of hearing aids and hair plugs, you can cure everything from hearing to hair loss. And, there are effective treatments for wrinkles and droopy skin. Not only can you live longer, but you’ll look better.

Increased Happiness

It is tempting to think that your glory days are the ones when you are young, fit, and attractive. You know? The ones where you don’t have a care in the world. Well, it turns out this isn’t true. Indeed, the happiest years of a person’s life are between their late 60s and early 70s. According to a Centre of Economic Performance study, this is when happiness peaks. And, it isn’t hard to see why. When you look good and plan on staying around for a long time, you’re bound to be happy.

Get To Retire

The idea of working for 40 years straight should make you feel tired. It’s a long time, and you deserve a reward at the end. The prize is retirement. As long as you have the cash, it is possible to retire and never work again. Then, you can throw yourself into a hobby and spend your days chilling and relaxing. Or, you can continue to work but only two or three days a week. That way, you get to stay active while having plenty of free time. There’s a reason they call them your golden years.

See, there’s no reason to be afraid. In fact, getting older seems like an exciting prospect.

Staff Writer; Doug Poole

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