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Liberalism Is Killing So Many.

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( Remember the movie, “When a Stranger Calls,” originally made in 1979 and remade in 2006? It’s about a babysitter who is harassed and threatened by a prank caller who ends up being in the house the whole time. As a nation, we face a similar situation.

There is no military on the planet that can defeat the United States, and no external force who could take us down. But we do face the threat of destruction, internally from liberals and their “progressive” policies.

Not one policy, it’s more of a “death from a thousand cuts” scenario, and it’s hard to believe destruction isn’t the plan.

One cut this week happened in Seattle, where the city government decided to tax successful businesses in yet another attempt to tackle their growing homeless problem. They imposed a $275 per employee tax on large companies that gross more than $20 million per year. That’s gross, not net. That means businesses like grocery stores, which have high gross revenues that operate on low profit margins, will be hammered.

In addition, two of the city’s largest employers – Starbucks and Amazon – were deliberately targeted because the liberals who run the city and their activist mob of flying monkeys have determined they can “afford” to pay more. These, and all the companies hit by this, already pay the GDP of many countries in taxes to a city that just last November passed a $5.6 billion budget that specifically “boosts spending on homelessness.

Progressives, meanwhile, feel they “compromised” because the city council originally had planned a $500 per employee tax. If you think they won’t come back for another bite at that apple you are crazy. “More” is never enough for the left – more money, more control, more regulation, just more. Amazon may leave the city, as they should. Starbucks should follow, along with every grocery store in the city.

This is how cities collapse, and how governments collapse. They view their residents as serfs, their property. The money they earn is the property of the government, and the government allows them to keep some of it as a courtesy for making it.

Never once does it occur to the mob to wonder why, after decades of liberal rule, there is a growing homelessness problem in the first place. Unfettered “progressive” policies designed to end a problem have only led to more of that problem – big government failed, so the answer is bigger government.

Seattle is the latest cut, but it’s hardly the only one, nor is it the deepest.

California is festering boil on the face of the country that keeps finding new and creative ways to damage us all. In addition to the illegal alien capitol, it is now the disease capitol of the country, sexually transmitted and otherwise.

Thanks to its thwarting of immigration laws, diseases that had essentially been eradicated from the first world have made a comeback. Legal immigrants are screened to make sure they aren’t carriers of disease, illegals just march across the border. That’s why there’s been a spike in sexually transmitted diseases in the state, a new record.

It’d be all well and good if these illegals stayed in California but, like all the bad policy ideas born there, we all know they don’t.

Then there are the cuts from the culture, those ones might be the most damaging. You can ignore the news, you can move away from places and avoid people, but as long as you’re in the United States you can’t escape the culture. The subtle indoctrinations and manipulations, the lawsuits filed in the name of “justice,” the outrage over slights – mostly imagined.

Liberals have an entire infrastructure designed to rot the country from within, to herd people into tribes and keep them angry and paranoid, to create emotions to overrule thought, to make victims out of perps for their own gain. No external force can do the damage to this country some of our fellow citizens seek to do, knowingly or not. The pawns don’t know, nor do they care. But the one who do, they do nothing by accident.

What the left can’t win through the ballot box they will take to the courts, when they can’t win there they take to the streets. This is by design.

The United States has no shortage of enemies, those who would like nothing more than to see us fall. While the Russians, the North Koreas, and groups like ISIS would do anything to take us down, all they really have to do wait. We have people within willingly doing their work for them.

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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