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Profanity vs Profundity.

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(Akiit.comProfanity: showing no respect for a god or a religion, especially through language 2. an offensive or obscene word or phrase:

Profundity: A statement or idea that shows great knowledge or insight.

We find ourselves in a protracted life and death struggle grappling with a massive mind control and socialization infrastructure designed to destroy our minds, further desecrate us as spiritual being of African descent, dehumanize us and recast us as fiendish caricatures created by psychopaths. Every day we are confronted with a challenge: being our true profound selves or being profane buffoons and degenerates. Because we do not know our history, who we are, what our ancestors accomplished before the coming of the invaders, we know nothing of our people’s resilience, resourcefulness and strength in the face of centuries of ruthless relentless assault, degradation and oppression and our acquiescence to the psychological domination of the oppressor we are rapidly allowing them to reshape our consciousness and behavior.

We are the victims of societal and institutionally induced amnesia and psychosis; what Edward Wilmot Blyden called the “slavery of the mind”, Dr. W.E.B. Dubois called it “the double consciousness”, Dr. Bobby Wright called it “menticide” and Dr Amos N. Wilson referred to as the falsification of African consciousness.

Every day we see our maladaptive responses to this amnesia/psychosis in our collective disunity, our failure to act based upon our enemies overt and covert assaults on our being; but more importantly we have abandoned our eons old history and pattern of what our venerated warrior scholar/ancestor Mzee Jedi Shemsu Jehewty, (Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers) called African Deep Thought.

Africans created and developed philosophies, cosmologies, strategies for living, human organization and governance thousand of years before there were Europeans. Ancient Africans postulated the nature of the universe, the nature of being even down to the mundane aspects of living in harmony with the environment and society. Africans understood the power of sounds, words, language and speech. To them speech was divine part of our innate spiritual being.

Our only hope to save the planet, ourselves and humanity is returning to our ancient ways, the process the Akan people of West Africacall Sankofa “to go back and fetch”. What does that mean? It means to rediscover our history, our legacy and our traditions. It means to relearn and reconnect with our ancient wisdom and power. We have to return to seeing ourselves as offshoots of the CREATOR with latent skills, powers and an unbreakable link/connection to the UNIVERSE. We have to rediscover what it really means to be in the image of God. We must relearn what Ubuntu and Ma’at mean; those profound ideas about being and living that are thousands of years old.

All indigenous African people have a rich legacy of spiritual awareness, metaphysics and practical application of our ancient wisdom and knowledge. One of the oldest and rudimentary notions of ancient Kemet (Egypt) was the divinity of man, the need and responsibility of society to teach, cultivate and actualize the essence of our inner self. The so called coffin texts and the Kemetian Mystery System reiterate this notion of godly potential and possibilities. (Read Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James, The Book of Coming Forth By Day interpreted by Maulana Karenga, Mdw Nter Divine Speech by Jacob H. Carruthers, Nuk Au Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen and A Life Centered Life Living MAAT by Rkhty Amen to grasp how deep our African ancestors were/are)

Cultivating our divine potential is a profound idea. These ideas seem strange and blasphemous to people indoctrinated into Eurocentric religious, cultural and historical beliefs; nevertheless they are African and true. We must also realize these ancient African ideas were plagiarized, distorted and perverted by the Eurasians and used against us in their megalomaniacal quest for domination, empire and hegemony whether they were Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs or Europeans.

The invaders, usurpers, occupiers and oppressors deliberately and forcibly suppressed our profound knowledge and wisdom (spiritual science, mathematics, philosophy, metaphysics and healing) and replaced them with aspiritual, profane and distorted notions about the nature of the universe, man and the meaning of life itself. The Eurasians never developed nor do they fully resonate with the profound African concept of Ubuntu, “I am because we are, we are because I am”. It means I exist because the universe exists; the universe exists because I exist, we are one, inseparable and interdependent.

The Europeans’ alienated notions of self are best summarized in the adage “I think therefore I am”. Once their barbarian minds could grasp a limited comprehension of African profundity (for example the principles of energy making up matter and the power of vibration) they began using them against us and the planet.  The Eurasian ruling class can fathom neither Ma’at, nor Mdw Nter (Divine Speech) so chaos, violence, war, disruption, lies and deceit form the ethos of their tribal culture and their driving MO for cultural imperialism.  Their language reeks of violence and domination.

To save ourselves and the world we have to return to our African Deep Thought, African profundity. We must reject our oppressors’ profane, vulgar values and anti-life “lifestyles”. It all comes down to profundity vs. profanity.

Columnist; Junious Ricardo Stanton

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