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Another Delay At The Pharmacy, Another Day Before You Get Your Meds.

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(Akiit.comWe’ve all had nightmares when it comes to collecting prescriptions. Sometimes they’re delayed. Other times, they don’t turn up at all. When this latter occurs, it means endless phone calls and even repeat doctor visits. All of which means we have to wait longer to get the drugs we need.

It’s far from ideal, but it’s rarely anyone’s fault. These are often matters of miscommunication. Blame gets juggled like a hot potato when all you want is the medication you need to get your health back on track. In extreme cases, prescription problems like these can lead to more severe symptoms and the need to visit an emergency room.

Regardless of who’s to blame, then, it’s fair to say that something needs to stop delays like these from happening. Unsurprisingly, technology could be the best way of doing it. If both doctors and pharmacists took time out to use tech, they could ensure smooth transactions. Thus, the much-dreaded ‘we don’t have it yet’ could become a thing of your past. But, what are these technologies, and have can healthcare professionals use them?

Cloud computing

Often, prescription scripts get lost in the ether. They either get sent to the wrong fax machine or don’t get sent at all. Either way, your tablets don’t turn up when they should. Perhaps the easiest way around this would be for more pharmacies to embrace cloud computing. With methods like these, pharmacy computers can access doctor filing systems with ease. The doctor won’t then have to remember to send a script off. The pharmacy also won’t depend on unreliable methods. Instead, they can check the cloud at regular intervals, and see new prescriptions that way.

Dealing with drug deliveries

Sometimes, drugs don’t turn up. Pharmacies do, after all, rely on daily deliveries. And, if those deliveries aren’t on track or aren’t placed, the tablets won’t come. But, automating this process can help here, too. By investing in options like the LTC medication dispensing cabinet they can better track both supply and demand of medications using automation. Thus, they’ll be able to order new stock well before running out. This also allows them to deliver first doses without having to worry about orders at all. We’re sure you’ll agree that sounds like a much better way of doing things.

Clearer communication with patients

Using technology for communication can also help pharmacies to improve the patient experience. Generally, timings for prescriptions are pretty loose. A doctor can tell you when they think your script will arrive, but that’s often not the case when you turn up. If you’re unwell or in pain, though, the last thing you want is fruitless trips to the pharmacy and back. But, the answer seems simple. By developing a text message alert, there’s no reason your pharmacy can’t let you know when your prescription arrives. This saves the element of guesswork. Plus, it doesn’t require any more effort than pressing a button from your pharmacy. Many would argue it’s the ideal solution.

Staff Writer; Jerry Moore

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