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Can Your Business Be Good For Your Country?

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(Akiit.comMany citizens of the United States give up their day jobs every year in a quest to follow their own personal American Dream. It’s only right that people dream of prosperity, good health and an adequate standard of living for their nearest and dearest. However, there is still an ever widening wealth divide in the United States that shows no sign of narrowing. While people have well meaning desires to break themselves out of poverty traps and become socially mobile, in reality this can be a difficult shackle to break.

A new breed of self employed business people have noticed this worsening wealth divide and are taking it upon themselves to try and bridge it in a small way. Locally these entrepreneurs are choosing to give something back to the communities in which they live. Only those who have become socially mobile from such a low ebb understand the extra effort it takes for someone on the breadline to strive for the American Dream and make it a reality.


While the unemployment rate is at a near all time low at 3.9%, the increase in riches at the top means that the wealth divide is becoming greater. Fat cats are becoming fatter, and those at the bottom of the social ladder are struggling to keep up. Entrepreneurs are now choosing who they employ using a more nuanced strategy. Rather than trying to secure the expensive services of an individual with a glowing resume and years of experience, they are choosing to fill more entry level positions. This benefits both the community and the business involved.

Entry level positions usually require only the most basic of qualifications and an excellent personal profile without a criminal record. This means those that have been unemployed or who are school leavers can apply and train in a new sector. Not all individuals wish to go onto to college, and some don’t have the propensity for further study. Setting up an apprenticeship style system within your startup could be perfect for those startups without a ludicrously buoyant cash flow. It can be relatively simple for a new startup to secure a candidate who is enthusiastic, passionate about doing well and who they can then mold into their perfect employee.


Startups are savvy beasts. The cynics amongst us may feel that their want to give back to the community is nothing but a public relations stunt every three months or so. While this may have an element of truth to it, those entrepreneurs who do choose to embark on out of hours charity work for the homeless, donating a proportion of their profits to charities that help those fighting deportation or set up yearly charity auctions, are doing their part to try and help others. Yes, they may gain exposure, but there are other ways they can do this. Rather than paying for an online marketing campaign, they are selecting a more humanitarian approach to their PR activities.


An obscene amount of waste is created by businesses each year. From paper wastage to leaving lights on, and from leaking taps to commuting in gas guzzling cars, there are a ridiculous number of ways that startups are choosing to combat the damage they make to the environment. Many businesses have chosen to follow car sharing schemes or are advocates of cycle to work initiatives. Many entrepreneurs have banned the use of disposable cups at their coffee machines and water coolers, instead opting for the reusable variety.

Saving the environment cannot be done by small businesses alone. However, by trying to make their carbon footprint as close to neutral as possible, utilizing video call conferences and employing flexible working for their employees they are making an impact, however small this might be.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can take inspiration from this guide and do some good for your country. All businesses, from SMEs to large conglomerates, have a responsibility to society. However, every initiative described is not wholly altruistic. After all, you are running a business and trying to earn a living. As such, every decision you make needs to be for the good of your company. If you can employ systems and processes that benefit the environment, help people struggling to find work and contribute to making monetary donations to local charities while still helping your business to thrive, surely this is a win-win situation. The American Dream should be reachable to all, and you can do your bit as an entrepreneur to help make that achievable.

Staff Writer; Peter Day

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