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Is There Any Decent Democrats Left In America?

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( The attempted character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh has brought out the worst in Democrats, every Democrat, everywhere. They’ve convicted a good and decent man of things he wasn’t even falsely accused of, so desperate are progressives to stop someone who believes the Constitution means what it says from sitting on the Supreme Court. From elected officials to unelected Democrats with media credentials, the last two weeks have exposed the Democratic Party as a gaggle of guttersnipes willing to destroy a man for the “crime” of disagreeing with them politically. After watching this unfold, you really have to wonder one thing: Is there a single decent, honest Democrat left in the United States?

The circus Democratic Senators created surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination should serve as a scarlet letter on every single one of them for the rest of their lives and should stain the buildings they’ll fund in their states with our tax dollars with will bare their names. It’s a disgrace.

Accusations that would get laughed out of any court in the land before they got in the door are treated as if they were carved into stone tablets by a burning bush by these charlatans. And now the entrance of Creepy Porn Lawyer with bogus allegations of serial gang rape at parties in the early 80s where no one ever said a word, yet people still voluntarily attended. It’s so stupid it’s funny.

The worst of the worst, at least among those not employed by major newspapers or CNN and MSNBC, are Senators Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Kirsten Gillibrand from New York. Each, on several occasions, have said things about Judge Kananaugh that would get them sued for their net worth and more if they’d said it about anyone not a public figure.

They’ve weaponized the #MeToo movement for political purposes, which is ironic considering Gillibrand’s years-long relationship with major Democratic Party pervert Harvey Weinstein. She made a fortune working for the law firm that helped keep his history secret and was close with him up to the point it became politically advantageous to throw him under the bus. People around Weinstein had all heard the stories, saw the signs, yet this self-appointed champion of women’s rights somehow missed it all…but managed to keep hammering those checks.

Hirono just wants men “to shut up” and make sure we “do the right thing, for a change.” I’m pretty sure that were it not for men doing the right thing, we’d be speaking either German or Japanese or even Russian, but Mazie doesn’t care. You never want to be caught between a progressive and their agenda – they’ll do anything from smash your store windows to accuse you of attempted rape.

The 100 million dead human beings murdered in the name of their political objectives in the last century are a testament to the left’s willingness to do anything to win.

Hirono, Gillibrand, the rest of the Democratic Party establishment, to varying degrees, have pronounced Kavanaugh guilty of everything he’s been accused of, even before hearing the accusers in their own words. These actions are not only un-American, they’re irredeemably anti-American.

Yet these people enjoy safe harbor in the media, facing no challenge to their declarations, no follow-up questions to their absurd assertions. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who so destroyed the state’s economy she had to flee 3000 miles to California to find work at the end of her term (in the state’s university system, naturally), said the complete lack of evidence, witnesses denying her allegations, and even not having details like what year it allegedly happened, made Christine Blasey Ford’s story “actually corroborates Ford’s story.”

The statements from these Democrats make the ghost of Goebbels blush from Hell.

As Chuck Schumer and his army of elected flying monkeys attack Kavanaugh and Republicans with absurd and obvious lies, not one Democrat has stepped up to say enough. No one has come forward to say the presumption of innocence is fundamentally American, and Judge Kavanaugh deserves it, politics be damned.


Last weekend Michael Moore released a new movie (his movies aren’t documentaries, they’re scripted propaganda films that only use the parts of the story that fit his desired narrative, something I detail in my book, “Outrage, INC” – he’s Leni Riefenstahl with a thyroid condition) and it bombed. The Harvey Weinstein-produced (they cut some kind of deal to get his name out of the credits) Fahrenheit 11/9 took in a pathetic $3.1 million, finishing 8th for the weekend.

Why would a movie from Moore attacking Donald Trump bomb so badly in this political atmosphere, especially when he’s promoted it everywhere, even with the help of a town hall on MSNBC? Because he’s now common among liberals, he’s just one in a crowd.

When Moore first hit the scene he was a fringe guy, an extreme leftist peddling propaganda to an underserved slice of the political left. In the years since, the Democratic Party has moved so far left they’re caught in his gravitational pull. Why pay $15 to watch a 90-minute version of what you can get for free, 24 hours a day, on MSNBC and CNN? You could just turn on CSPAN and watch Democrats give floor speeches in Congress or hold a press conference and save yourself the cost of popcorn. In other words, the Democratic Party has become Michael Moore, there’s no afghan, it’s all fringe now.

There used to be Democratic Members of Congress who called themselves “Blue Dogs,” moderate Democrats who were concerned about our border and national security and were concerned with out of control spending and government growth. They’re gone now, extinct. Replaced by people embracing socialism and demanding a man’s life be destroyed because he thinks wrong. They’re chasing public officials out of restaurants and threatening their children. They’re demanding people be fired for tweeting something they deem offensive or donated to a cause they oppose.

They are, universally, awful. And they’re only getting worse.

Will anyone with a (D) after their name stand up to this insanity, will any of them put the good of the country above that of the progressive agenda? Or even suggest pumping the brakes a little and telling their fellow party members the presumption of innocence should be afforded to Judge Kavanaugh? So far, none have.

Are there any decent Democrats left in politics? The answer is no, there are not.

PS: Find out how the left is using lies wrapped in emotion to manipulate the American people by picking up a copy of my book, “Outrage, INC.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood” today! Thank you.

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