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Medical Breakthroughs We Hope To See In The Near Future.

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(Akiit.comAs a species we have done pretty well when it comes to keeping ourselves alive. Compared to say, 100 years ago, the human life expectancy has risen from between 31-40 to a whopping 70-80 years of age. As you no doubt already know, the oldest people on earth have lived to almost 120 years of age! However, there is still plenty of room for improvement, as we are still losing too many lives due to illnesses and accidents all over the world. So, here are the medical breakthroughs we hope to see in the near future so that many more lives can be saved!

An abolishment for cancer

Let’s face it, cancer is one of the biggest killers on earth to date, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. While there are in fact, ways that you can cure cancer, there are still way too many people that are having to go through rigorous treatments such as chemotherapy and surgeries just to get rid of it. We hope that one day, there won’t even be a worry of cancer as there will be a medical method to quickly and efficiently abolish it. For now, let’s thank our lucky stars that there are cures available for some forms of cancer.

Life preservation

One problem that costs a lot of lives is being unable to save someone after a morbidly dangerous accident. Someone who has been shot, for example, will be losing blood faster than any surgeon can get in to remove a bullet, and then stitch them back up before a blood transfusion. The problem with blood loss, is that there isn’t enough oxygen making its way around the body to keep us alive. This can quickly lead to brain damage and organs failing. Scientists are in fact, on the brink of life preservation through the use of rapidly cooling the body to slow down life processes. In turn, this sends the body into a hibernative state to allow Doctors and other medical staff to save a person’s life. Read more about it in the link above! Hopefully this will soon be a way to save millions of lives!

A fast, effective, and widely available pain relief

We’re sure you’ll agree that one of the worst things a person can experience is physical pain. Being able to get rid of the pain and get comfortable is enough to send anybody a little bit crazy. Having a fast, effective, and widely available pain relief that isn’t going to risk drug addiction would be an incredible contribution to medicine, and we hope it’s here soon.

A cure for mental health problems

Finally, one of the biggest problems people face in this day and age is mental health problems. Whether you suffer with depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD, or even Alzheimer’s, nobody should ever have to experience their mind not in its right state of mind. A cure for all mental health problems would indeed, save millions of lives, so we’ve got everything crossed that it’s not too far away in the future.

Staff Writer; Peter Jones

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