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Ole America Benefits from an Imperfect Man in the Perfect Role.

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( Former Trump attorney and disgraced convicted felon Michael Cohen recently gave testimony before Congress focused upon negative allegations against his former boss. Those who spent their time watching the sordid political theater came away with two unavoidable, tired, previously known conclusions: Cohen is a proven liar and President Donald Trump, like each of us, is an imperfect person.

But for millions of Americans, myself included, the made-for-TV drama is largely irrelevant, as America is doing quite well under the controversial leadership of President Trump.

Before he became President Trump, everyone knew that “the Donald” was a controversial business icon. In fact, part of his appeal was the role he played as a billionaire playboy whose brash style help him rise to the top of the cutthroat business of real estate development. Whether roasting Rosie O’Donnell on prime-time television or entertaining millions on “The Apprentice,” Trump was known for being an unconventional and high-flying international businessman.

But now, as the president, his racy past has followed him to the White House and become an obsession for the Democrats, so consumed by hatred and so desperate to pursue an increasingly socialist agenda. What better crowbar to open Trump’s past and perpetuate a media war against him than his former attorney? After all, Michael Cohen is a desperate man still hoping to reduce his own prison term by bashing his former employer.

While Cohen’s recent testimony produced wall-to-wall coverage by political insiders, the press has been promoting hysteria ever since the 2016 election, using every chance to demonize the Commander-in-Chief. Hardly a week passes without some “shocking” revelation that is eventually proven wholly untrue or at least largely irrelevant.

Fake news is not just a tagline made famous by the president. It’s real, and it’s exhausting. In January, Cohen was the central figure in a BuzzFeed report that has since been discredited. In the report, Cohen states that he was instructed by Trump to lie to Congress.

Cohen is not the only example of the media’s desperation to attack all things Trump. In the past few weeks, their bias has been on clear display. The press prematurely hyped an edited video of a Trump supporter standing before a Native American provocateur. Of course, there is also the outrageous Jussie Smollett fiasco, in which the actor apparently faked a hate crime and ascribed it to alleged Trump supporters.

In the coming days, expect a flood of speculative reports from media personalities about the possible legal implications of this and that from Cohen’s testimony. Regardless, the fundamental reality is this: Our country is thriving economically, militarily and on the world stage. Cohen’s congressional performance is just another example of the mainstream media’s increasingly desperate attempt to exploit any situation that allows them to attack the president. But the American people know this: Unemployment is down. Wages and earnings are up. Our economic growth is healthy.

Militarily, the United States is properly funded and more equipped than ever, with ISIS all but eradicated. Trade negotiations that protect, rather than undermine, our interests are underway with numerous countries. The American energy sector is humming along.

America is surging forward, and the president is fulfilling his promise to make our country great again. The biggest threat to the strength of our democracy is our own media’s constant fanning of toxic flames of hatred toward our president.

Most of President Trump’s supporters know that he is not a perfect person, but they will continue to remain loyal and give him their support. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and it is often the most unlikely people who go on to accomplish the most. Consider the prophet Moses, widely regarded as one of the greatest of prophets in the Bible. Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage to the Promised Land, despite the fact that he was a murderer!

In this case, our nation is led by a businessman with many flaws who also happens to be the right person for the job at a time when America needs it the most. We are thirsting for economic progress, following eight years in the wilderness of Obama’s presidency. Our present prosperity far outshines the flashing lights of manufactured scandals.

Trump has delivered on so many of the promises that catapulted him into office. Despite the media and the establishment’s campaign against him, tens of millions of his voters will continue to stand by him. He may be an imperfect person, but the same can be said for every single one of us. Who among us can claim to be without flaws? Thankfully, Trump is right where he should be today: in the Oval Office, propelling our country forward.

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