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Finding Inspiration to Create Music When Going through a Creative Block.

(Akiit.com) Creating music is never an easy job. There are times when finding a single idea becomes a difficult task. I choose to let my mind relax whenever I experience such a difficult spell. I always find a break at the end of it all and get new ideas to create music. Many artists often go through the same block where they fall short of ideas and inspiration required to create music. It is tough, and whilst people can get the instruments and other equipment with help from a dj equipment finance (or similar) service, just having them alone does not make the music happen. I have put together several things I do to find inspiration to create music. Hopefully, these tips can be of help to other creators too.

Base Songs on Visuals

The surrounding environment always acts as a great inspiration for me. When I’m down, I try to visit new, interesting places to get new ideas. I often find myself writing a song inspired by the things I see around me. At times, the people around me act as a great inspiration. There are some love songs which I’ve written based on the relationships of some of the people around me. I have also written songs based on the behavior of the people I observe or interact with.

Work on A Theme

Every song is driven by a theme. A song can either be sad, groovy, or enlightening. Picking a theme to work with always inspires me to create something interesting. I even refer to other songs with the same mood to gain inspiration. I always try to make the song I’m writing better than the one I’m listening to.

Have A Goal

It is said that setting goals gives people an objective. Well, this is probably true as it has worked for me on several occasions. I always find my set goals giving me the inspiration and motivation required to create music. My current goal is to release an album by the end of the year. This has inspired me to create music regularly. So far, I have found the setting of new goals in my career to be very helpful in giving me motivation.

Listen to Great Music

I have a playlist of the top greatest hits that I like. I always listen to these songs whenever I’m down. I also listen to them when I’ve run short of inspiration for creating music for a long time. This method has always worked on me. I listen to my best playlist before heading to the studio. After doing that, I always get to the studio full of ideas to create great music.

Visit the Studio Regularly

The studio has always been a great inspiration for me. I always leave with a great musical idea whenever I visit the studio. Music just flows in me whenever I feel beats playing in the studio. I would advise anyone to visit the studio whenever they need the right motivation to create music. Watching other people on the microphone might also trigger an idea as it mostly does with me.

Collaborate with Friends

I’m a person who loves their privacy and I often like creating new ideas alone. I almost always forget that working with someone else is always better than working alone. Meeting with friends always inspires me to create more magical music. I therefore, make a conscious effort to leave my beloved solitude and interact with people simply because of the inspiration they bring. They force me to step out of my comfort zone and create something out of the ordinary. I also have friends who are not so much into music. Such friends always help me with great ideas to make the song interesting. The fact that they are not musicians means they are not competing and most of their ideas and inputs are genuine.

Write a Fictional Character

I have been exposed to fictional stories since I was young. I now find it very easy to create a fictional character when creating music. Music has been partly fictional since it began. Creating a fictional character inspires me to create sweet music which will capture everybody’s attention. A fictional character enables me to create the right plot for my song. It is always great to use fictional characters to create captivating lines in your song. I like using fictional characters because they can often spark the creation of great music.

Staff Writer; Fred Brown

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