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The Top Safeties Entering The 2021 NFL Season.

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( Safeties can make a massive difference in the ability of a team to defend. So these players can have a pivotal role in the outcome of a game in the NFL. What’s more, unlike many other positions on the field, this still seems like one that managers want to fill. So it clearly has its uses. 

So who are the top safeties entering the league this season? 

Justin Reid, Houston Texans

Last season, the Houston Texans failed to make much of an impact because of the poor shape of its back line. And if you take a look at Reid’s statistics, you can see that he also had a bad season, scoring an average coverage grade of just 67. However, there is an argument to say that the rest of the team let him down. Add to that the fact that he has made 80 in the past, and you can see why some commentators are still bullish on him. 

Devin Mccourty, New England Patriots

Devin Mccourty was a superstar in the past. However, now at the age of 34, he is starting to come down from his early career highs. Some pundits believe that his years are limited. However, this isn’t a player who would just find the best deer cart he could, lie in it, and wait for somebody to wheel him off the pitch. He’s a fighter to the end, so he may come back strong for the 2021 season. 

Darnell Savage, Green Bay Packers

Darnell Savage’s career has always been a little lacking in substance. He certainly has the moves. But whether he can consistently deliver on the field remains to be seen. He seems to have all the makings of a great player. But he is still waiting for his breakthrough season with the Green Bay Packers. It hasn’t happened yet. Last year, for instance, he missed 16 tackles – a statistic he will desperately want to improve. 

Darnell Savage, Green Bay Packers

Kareem Jackson, Denver Broncos

Kareem Jackson began his career as a quarterback. But after he hit the big 3-0, he transitioned to safety which is where he has remained ever since. He is currently coming off two consecutive years of an 80-plus mark, making him one to watch. 

Micah Hyde, Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are lucky to have two of the most impressive safeties on the pitch right now. And one of them is the enigmatic Micah Hyde. He currently has an overall PFF grade of 70, with many of his individual grades substantially better than that. He is well known for making daring plays that tend to pay off. 

Jamal Adams, Seattle Seahawks

Jamal is a player who is continually improving his game. Some have criticized his form in the past. But he managed to finish the year with more than 34 pressures, which was nearly double that of the nearest safety. 

Derwin James, Los Angeles Charges

Derwin James would probably have been the best safety in the league in 2020, had it not been for an injury. However, he says that his physical problems are behind him, so we await to see how he performs in the 2021 season.

Staff Writer; Susan Brown

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