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Three Reasons To Give Formula One A Chance.

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(Akiit.comIf you haven’t got into the exciting realm of following Formula One, there may be a couple of obvious reasons why. The main one people give is that it’s just a bunch of cars going fast around a track – where’s the sport or fun in that? It seems boring, monotonous, and not deserving of such investment of your precious time. You’d  be forgiven for thinking this, although it’s simply not the case at all – and 2017’s season is proving to be one of the most interesting yet, deserving of at least one little watch. But don’t blame us if you get hooked.

Put Faces To The Names

While some Formula One drivers are household names, such as Hamilton, Button and Vettel (you only need to use their surnames they’re that good), it’s unlikely that you’ll know who they are if they walked past you in the street. There are exceptions to this; Lewis Hamilton news is becoming more and more widespread with every move he makes, resulting in pictures of his face plastered all over the media, but until you see them stand on the podium at the end, nobody really knows who’s under the helmet. Watch it all the way through and you’ll see who you’ve been backing under your breath.

Bring Out Your Inner Geek

If you watch carefully, you will see cars pull into their pit stops to get their tyres changed and have general maintenance done before shooting off around the track again. This is something that the engineers have got down to a fine art; any slip-up on their behalf could result in a disastrous consequence happening at the worst, and a place other than first at the least. Even something as tiny as of one hundredth of a second could mean the difference between winning the race and beating your personal best – something that is of the utmost importance in this line of sport. Those who are dealing with the cars have backgrounds in thermodynamics, aerodynamics, physics, quantum mechanics and so much more; there’s a whole team of scientists behind each brand that is racing around the track that are responsible for keeping everything as it should be. In which other sport would you find such intelligent genius?

It’s History

This is a sport that has been in play since 1929 – so it’s nearing its 100 year anniversary realistically, although officially Formula One as we know it didn’t form until 1946. Still, that’s over 70 years of supercars racing around, only getting better as time passes on. Each year the technologies of these cars are advanced and pushed to their limits, only for these limits to be broken the next year, and the next, and – you get the picture. There are world records broken each time a race is ran. The first race was ran in the United Kingdom at Silverstone, and the name of the of the circuit is synonymous with this  thrilling sport.

There’s so much more to it, but you’ll have to watch to find out.

Staff Writer; Larry Day

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