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All State Lotteries Nationwide Are Rigged In Favor Of Affluent Neighborhoods.

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( If you are a lottery player in your state of residence and you have notice that for some apparent reason only certain people in certain areas tend to win the big jackpots that exceeds six figures then you are right in your conclusion. The scratchers, pick 3, pick 4 daily 4, power ball and other lottery games played in every state of our great nation are generally rigged. Indeed, only certain areas of your state are allowed to win the big prizes while the rest of the state or better yet the predominant low income and poor neighborhood are left with the loosing tickets; Yet, they are the biggest contributors and spenders of ticket purchases at their respective lottery retailers in their poorest communities of their state of residence.

Indeed, every State in the United States of America with the exception of Alaska, Alabama,, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah have some type of lottery games that is played by millions of Americans nationwide and even by individuals outside of the country. About 87% of lottery retailers are located in the poorest neighborhoods and inner cities of America where over 75% of the Revenues comes from this communities; but, with less than 25% of winners and or non-winning tickets. Yes, you read correctly, the overall net worth generated by the sale of lottery tickets and scratchers for each individual state comes from the poorest neighborhoods; nevertheless, these neighborhoods do not ripped the benefits of wining any major jackpot or large sum of money. In these poorest communities you find blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and the lower end of the Caucasian communities or patriots that were left behind by their peers.

State Lotteries Nationwide

The aforementioned groups of people who resides in these low income, back road, countryside and inner cities communities are the ones who spend the most money in lottery tickets and scratchers and the ones who neve win anything or they win less than a hundred dollars every three months while spending three times that amount. They dream of winning the jackpot in the millions of dollars in order to get out of their current economical situation and have a better life for themselves and or their families, others hope to pay off several credit cards, loan, college loans, purchase a house and get out of their poor neighborhood. Indeed, this is the dream of the poor and the misinformed since many have yet to realize that every state lottery in the union is rigged for the benefit of the institution and for the enrichment of those already living in affluent communities and are very successful or wealthy.

The State of Colorado is well known for their continuous rigging of their lottery games and changing the numbers at the very last second and taking over 45 minutes to give the actual result of the winning numbers. Then we have the State of California another nefarious State in the west coast were they have placed all the rigged lottery machines in the inner cities that are set up to never produce any big winners while having the poorest people in that state spend the little they have in order to win and fulfill their dreams. In the State of California their revenues created by the sale of lottery tickets is close to and even over a billion dollars a year for which some percentage supposed to be use to pay out big prizes, small prizes and invest in the state school district infrastructure but yet the appearance of those schools in the poorest neighborhood is that of a third world country. More so, every large jackpot lottery prized have landed in the hands of those affluent neighborhoods and the winners been the winners constantly; as, those communities, spend less money in the purchase of tickets and scratches. While in the State of New York, the lottery controllers always have an excuse of why they are not paying out to winners in the lower Bronx poorest areas and why is it that all winners in the New York lottery appear to be only those whites and Italians living in very affluent neighborhood and already well off financially.

Ladies and Gentlemen, statistically there is no way that over 83% of lottery ticket sales are in predominant poor neighborhoods and have only a few winners of small amounts of money but no big jackpot winner; while, the most affluent and very white neighborhoods spend less than 27% of ticket sales but have over 80% of all the big jackpot winners and scratchers over a $100,000 winning ticket sold in those affluent and mostly white neighborhoods. Yes, all the lotteries nationwide are rigged for the benefit of the elite, upper class, white affluent communities and for the detriment of the poorest communities that includes the most oppress people in the nation, Even, the poorest white person, who is sometimes called a trailer trash or pucker belly living in a poor neighborhood is also a victim of the disparity of the rigged lotteries nationwide in America.

With that said, I am calling on all African American, Hispanics, Native Americans and the poorest white people living in the poorest neighborhood and inner cities to stop purchasing, stop supporting, stop patronizing, stop spending your money on any state lottery of your state and or any other state. I am asking and advising you that you have a better chance of success and option in investing in Cryptocurrency, commodities market, stock market which are a gamble as well but at least you know that there is no rigging done intentionally for the benefit of one sole group in the nation. My fellow poorest and lower class Americans please do not spend a penny or dime more on any lottery anymore because you are throwing your money away to a rigged system at the hands of the elite which has its core in white supremacy and systemic racism. African Americans you should already know by now that America will never grant you reparations for slavery, so what makes you belief that they will allowed black people to win lottery jackpots in massive numbers.

Now, if you still do not believe in the lottery been rigged and you still want to purchase lottery tickets then I will asked that instead of spending your money on tickets at a lottery retailer in the a poor neighborhood or lower class neighborhood to instead travel about 20 to 50 miles to an affluent neighborhood and invade their spaces to purchase your tickets and scratchers from those affluent neighborhood and maybe you will see that my statements were indeed correct and factual. But like I said before America “Stop purchasing lottery tickets and scratchers because it is not intended for you to win but for them to win and for you to continue been broke and spending the little you have in a dream that may never come true for you but it will come true for the affluent person living in an affluent neighborhood who knows the whole truth about lottery’s nationwide been rigged for the benefit of the few and the elite.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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