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The Progressive Mindset Is Evil.

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( I try not to spend a lot of time focused on the enemies of America, but they are plentiful, and a growing percentage of them reside within the United States. Hell, a lot of them are in Congress, the courts, or the White House. But most of them live in academia, many times in between stints in government. They are actively working to make this country worse.

The progressive mindset is one of, quite honestly, evil. Think of all the progress our species has made throughout all of human history, and we’re watching these people do their damnedest to destroy it.

Nothing exemplifies this more than the modern left and Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. King lays out, in terms so basic even Joe Biden can understand them, his desire for the country to get past the color of a person’s skin.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” is one of the most influential lines ever spoken.


The left is voiding their bowels all over it on a daily basis.

For example, Donna Johnston was applying for a job at Bridgewater State University. She didn’t get it because she couldn’t justify her skin color, which is white.

The Boston Globe reports, “Johnston, a licensed social worker from Plainfield, Conn., said she was floored by the question while interviewing to teach sociology at Bridgewater State University last summer when she was also asked to contemplate ‘your white privilege.’ Then in a follow-up, Johnston said she was told that ‘Black students may not be able to relate to you because of your white privilege.'”

This is the essence of the progressive philosophy – you are your skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or whatever else the left cooks up to divide people, and nothing more. Stray from what a progressive Democrat thinks you should believe based on any of those irrelevant characteristics, and you are their enemy, and no holds are barred when it comes to destroying anyone the left deems an enemy.

The Globe, which then quoted a filing from the university, reported, “Any possibility of discriminatory motive is contradicted by the fact that the university ultimately hired two Caucasians,” and that a third hire was a black woman.

Isn’t this the equivalent of saying you’re not a racist because you have black friends? Liberals always attack these statements, which is stupid because someone who actually is a racist would be very unlikely to have friends who are of the race they hate people over, aren’t they? I mean, that’s what being a racist means, or at least used to.

Now, racist means you are white. It’s really not any more complex than that. If you’re white, you’re a racist; a racist who benefits wildly from your skin color. No matter your life circumstances – parents, upbringing, schools, family, whatever – you had your life laid out for you because you’re white.

I had no idea I had it so good as I was burning up on rooftops across Detroit, slopping down 500-degree tar roofing in 95-degree weather. I probably should’ve just sent my landlord my 23 & Me report and a picture of my forearm, rather than busting my ass like a sucker. Does my white privilege get me a refund on the sweat equity and actual financial outlays I’ve had to make? Where do I go to get the time I wasted working toward goals?

I honestly hope students avoid Bridgewater and any institution (educational or otherwise) that blatantly present themselves this way.

The progressive left has turned the country, especially academia, into a pit of racial obsession. It’s like a Coachella for the Klan, with people segregated in every way we can be differentiated and told to stay away from others, your skin color is your wristband. It’s evil.

Feel bad because of what your skin looks like, feel like a victim because of yours. The Democrat Party has turned from Martin Luther King’s dream to a racist dystopia. How do you do that and still live with yourself? I don’t know, and I don’t want to.

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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