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Why O.J. Simpson Should Be Freed—And Why It Matters.

July 19, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) O.J. Simpson won’t go away. I posed the question on my Facebook page “Should O.J. be paroled? It drew an avalanche of responses. Even while respondents hotly protested they didn’t care, they still debated, raged, and fumed on the page about him. He still touches a sore nerve. There is, and never will […]

Black Homeownership Declines In Major Cities.

July 19, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) For the 12th consecutive year, America’s national homeownership rate has declined, according Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS)’ annual report, “State of the Nation’s Housing 2017.” This year’s report also found these declines vary by race and ethnicity. As some might expect, the steepest homeownership decline occurred in Black communities, where […]

English Language Is American.

July 19, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) Over the past three hundred years, when foreigners contemplated immigrating to the United States, foremost in their minds was that they wanted to become Americans; sure they wanted better lives; they wanted to attend our universities; some fled oppression in their own countries, but becoming an American was the prime motivating factor in […]

Slavery In Ancient Times.

July 19, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) Too many people believe that slavery is a “peculiar institution.” That’s what Kenneth Stampp called slavery in his book, “Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South.” But slavery is by no means peculiar, odd or unusual. It was common among ancient peoples such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Hittites, Greeks, Persians, Armenians and […]

Liberals & Americans Don’t Mix.

July 19, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) Recently, Gallup published the results of its annual Values and Beliefs poll. The headline of the report speaks for itself: “Americans Hold Record Liberal Views on Most Moral Issues.” Gallup has been doing this poll since 2001, and the change in public opinion on the moral issues surveyed has been in one direction […]

Three Signs You Have Goal Fatigue.

July 19, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) When I first heard the phrase, it resonated immediately: Goal fatigue. It occurs when we either have too many goals at once, or when we don’t replenish our energy between goals. It will sabotage your best efforts, steal your joy and leave you confused about why you no longer feel motivated to go for […]

Seven Coaching Questions to Boost Your Chance of Achieving ANY Goal.

July 19, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) We are halfway through the year already and it is a perfect time to check in on your goals and make adjustments that can empower you to make this year an especially powerful one. By asking the right questions, you can coach yourself. These seven questions, based on research from the field of applied […]

Use Your Home To Boost Your Health And Your Income.

July 13, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) Your home is so much more than just a piece of real estate. It goes far beyond just being a house or property where you live. It’s the place where memories are made, where families grow, and where you have invested a substantial sum of money. And it can go even further than that. […]

Are Supplements a Farce or Can They Help You Live a Healthier Lifestyle?

July 6, 2017 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) When humans eat, we absorb nutrients from the food that we digest. For instance, meats like chicken and beef are full of protein which is required by our bodies to repair and build muscles. Similarly, carbohydrates are needed to provide us with energy. This is the reason why many dieticians suggest that we eat […]

The Work/Life Balance Career Options.

Tweet (Akiit.com) It appears now more than ever that people not only just need a work/life balance, but they demand it in whatever job they go into. Unfortunately, it is a lot harder than that to come by, and if you are a parent, it’s not just a desirable part of the job, it is essential. […]

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